17 Iyyar 5784 | 25 May 2024

Hi, this is Simon Jackson, Israeli Notary and Attorney.

It’s my pleasure and privilege to assist health professionals who have qualified abroad – in negotiating the bureaucratic requirements of the Ministry of Health.

Olim Chadashim are now able to begin the process of having their professional credentials recognized even before they make Aliyah. This in turn enables them to receive their general licenses to practice medicine in Israel, just a few weeks after immigrating.

I also assist Olim in obtaining recognition of their foreign specialty credentials from the Scientific Council at the Israel Medical Association.

After making Aliyah, I assist Olim in receiving reimbursement of the fees they have paid for notarized translations of their licensing documents, by applying to Misrad Ha’Aliyah ve-Ha’kelita – the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.

In this 7-part series, we set down a number of Tips & Tricks, which will make the foreign licensing and specialty recognition process that much easier for you! While the series focuses on physicians, much of the information is also relevant to all other medical licensed professionals, including dentists, nurses, speech, physical and occupational therapists. Feel free to ask me any follow-up questions that you may have after reading the series.

Shalom, welcome to Israeli bureaucracy, and we hope you enjoy this series!