5 Tammuz 5781 | 15 Jun 2021

In our last post, we gave an overview of the Foreign Licensing Recognition Process by the Department of Medical Professions at the Ministry of Health (Misrad HaBriut).

In this post, we discuss what documents Misrad HaBriut really needs, in order to obtain recognition as a foreign-trained doctor in Israel. The following documents should be submitted:

1. Application/registration form (properly completed in duplicate and in Hebrew; this will be considered in further detail in our next post).

2. Request to take the licensing exam (properly completed in duplicate and in Hebrew; this will be considered in further detail in our next post).

3. 2 current passport photos (these should be stapled to the two Application Forms).

4. Certified copy of your current foreign passport if you are applying pre-Aliyah (or your Israeli ID Card (Teudat Zehut), including the address stub, if you have already made Aliyah).

5. Final diploma from a recognized university or certification from a university of completion of studies, completion of all requirements for the university, and entitlement to a degree in medicine to be awarded on a certain date.

6. Official confirmation of beginning and end date of studies. The end date will usually appear on your diploma, but the start date rarely will. Therefore, you should request a simple letter from your medical school indicating the start and end date of your studies.

7. Official confirmation of successful completion of internship (staj), including details about the departments in which your internship took place and the amount of time spent in each department. Alternatively, provide official confirmation of work in clinical medicine for at least one year.

8. Valid medical license. Note: You cannot submit an expired license. If just renewed, attach a copy of your old license too.

9. Official letter of employment from the institutions at which you worked over at least the last 5 years. Essentially, this needs to state the start and end dates of work at each institution, and clarify in a sentence what you did (the purpose being to satisfy Misrad HaBriut that you were actually practiced medicine, rather than just serving as the office secretary or manager!)

10. Specialist’s certificate from abroad (in the relevant cases).

11. Professional letter of good standing from the authorized bodies in the country from which the applicant immigrated to Israel (the State Medical Board in the US, the General Medical Council in the UK, the College des Medicines du Quebec in Montreal, etc.). The letter confirms that there are no, and have not been any, disciplinary, negligence or professional ethics complaints against the physician. Note: this letter need not be translated and notarized, provided it is mailed directly to Misrad HaBriut.

12. Documentation indicating any name change, if relevant.

13. Letter from the Scientific Council at the Israel Medical Association (Moetza Ha-Madait), if you have already been accepted as a specialist (their requirements for specialty recognition will be covered in a future post).

Note: All documents must be translated and notarized by an Israeli notary. For each document that you submit, you should submit 1 notarized copy, plus a photocopy of that same document. Do not submit any original files!