16 Sivan 5784 | 22 Jun 2024

In our last post, we explained which documents the Israeli Health Ministry (Misrad HaBriut) requires, to enable foreign-trained doctors to have their professional credentials recognized in Israel.

The first two of these documents are: 

• A 4-page Questionnaire – Application to Practise Medicine in Israel (“She’eilon”)
• A Request to Take the State Licensing Exam (“Bakasha Le’Hibachein”)

Both of these documents must be properly completed in Hebrew, signed, and submitted to the MoH Licensing Department, along with all the supporting documentation, in duplicate.

Here are some pointers to note when completing these two important documents:

1. The request to take the licensing exam must be completed even if you anticipate you will be entitled to an exemption from taking the exam (for example, if you have successfully passed the USMLE examinations, or have practiced medicine abroad for 14 years or more)!

2. On both the Questionnaire and the Exam Application Form, if you do not have a Israeli ID Number (Teudat Zehut), you should insert your foreign Passport Number instead (Note, the Licensing Department requires you to submit a certified copy of your Israeli ID card in order to receive your provisional license to practise medicine; hence, if you only have an Israeli Passport, this will not suffice for this purpose – even if it contains your ID number).

3. If you are applying for licensing recognition before making Aliyah, write in the spot “Date of Aliyah” – the anticipated date of your Aliyah, and include a letter from the Sochnut (Jewish Agency) if you have one.

4. Make sure you include an Israeli cell number for the purpose of receiving status updates regarding your application. Likewise, when inserting your contact details, give an Israeli address. Finally, provide the Licensing Department with a Gmail address (or similar), as a less common email address may well be rejected by the MoH mail server!

5. Use the day / month / year format, rather than the month / day / format, which is the norm in the US but not at all the case in Israel, to prevent confusion of the bureaucrats in the MoH Licensing Department!

In our next post, we will discuss other documents that the Licensing Department will require in special cases.

Simon M. Jackson is an Israeli notary, attorney and professional translator who specializes in assisting Olim Chadashim to acclimatize in Israel. He can be contacted by telephone, Skype or email.