Fees for Notarized Translations

Simon M. Jackson is a licensed notary in Israel. Below are the fees, including VAT, for notarized translations. The fees are set by the Ministry of Justice (Misrad HaMishpatim) and notaries are prohibited by law from charging more or less than the fixed tariffs! The fees are updated annually by the Ministry, according to fluctuations in the Consumer Price Index (madad). Notarized Translations Translation of up to 100 words NIS 245.00 Each additional 100 words or part there of (up … Continued

Professional Translation & Editing Services in the Hebrew and English Languages

Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services specializes in general and notarial translations. With over 15 years experience in the field of translations, Simon M. Jackson is also a certified translator for the British Embassy in Israel and the IRS. The importance of having an accurate translation cannot be overstated. Any error in the translation can cost the client in valuable time and the expenses of having to redo an incorrectly translated document. The provision of an accurate … Continued