Tips and Tricks Series – Rental Contract Negotiations in Israel

This series of Tips and Tricks considers common issues that arise in the course of rental contract negotiations in Israel.

  • Bearing in mind that most rental contracts in Israel tend to be landlord-weighted, what points should you, as a tenant, be wary of and consider negotiating?
  • For which damages should the landlord be responsible?
  • Should the tenant be required to contribute towards the landlord’s building insurance policy premium?
  • Are two guarantors really needed to protect the landlord’s interests?

To read more on these and other commonly raised issues, choose from the topics below:

  1. Part 1 Tips 1-6 (absentee landlord, pre-signing property inspection, communicating with landlord by e-mail, rent in advance, option-to-renew, premature termination of lease by tenant).
  2. Part 2 Tips 7-12 (payment of ongoing vs. special expenses, maintenance of property, insurance, security deposit, signing of contract, how far to push the landlord in rental contract negotiations).
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