Notary Services

Simon M. Jackson provides a comprehensive range of notary services, from notarized signature authentications to notarized wills and notarized translations.
Pursuant to the Notaries Law, 5736-1976 and other relevant legislation, Simon is qualified, competent and available to provide all of the following, with same-day service if required:
  • Drawing up a document or undertaking another action concerning the document where the drawing up or the action by the notary is necessary or permitted by law, including the law of a foreign country or according to another document
  • Witnessing of a commercial document
  • Confirmation of the accuracy of an inventory/stock list
See the price list of common notarial procedures here
For further information and a quote concerning any notary services, please contact us at: Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services / 0737-40-60-40 / 0545-742-374.