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Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services specializes in general and notarial translations. With over 15 years experience in the field of translations (for testimonials/references, click here), Simon M. Jackson is also a certified translator for the British and Canadian Embassies in Israel.

The importance of having an accurate translation cannot be overstated. Any error in the translation can cost the client in valuable time and the expenses of having to redo an incorrectly translated document. The provision of an accurate translation ensures that the client is spared a myriad of potential hassles (for more on which, see here), including running back and forth between the translator and the notary, who is responsible for the correctness of the translation.

A notarized translation of a document is an internationally recognized guarantee that the translation accurately reflects what was written in the original language of the document. It is for this reason that many institutions (the courts, banks, most foreign governments etc.) will only accept notarial translations. Moreover, at our offices, you can be assured of an extremely accurate translation, because the translation is undertaken by the notary himself.

For convenience, clients are welcome to simply e-mail the documents in need of translation. We can then translate and notarize the documents in as expeditious a manner as possible and simply mail them to the client’s address, or to any other address inIsraelor abroad, in accordance with the client’s request.

It is our official policy, in the case of all standard documents (including marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates etc.), to charge the client only for the notarization at the rate prescribed by law, and to charge nothing extra for the time spent in translating the document and for the mailing of the notarized document to the client in Israel.

Simon specializes in providing notarial translations in the Hebrew and English languages. Documents we have translated and notarized in the past include:

  • birth certificates[1]
  • marriage certificates
  • get and divorce certificates
  • death certificates
  • extract of entry from the Population Registry (Misrad Hapnim)
  • certificate of name change
  • certificate of company registration
  • academic degrees
  • high school diplomas
  • university transcripts
  • rulings and verdicts of the courts (including the rabbinical and family courts)
  • wills and testaments
  • confirmation of non criminal records
  • medical documents
  • powers of attorney
  • affidavits
  • company minutes
  • discharges from the IDF
  • contracts
  • prenuptial agreements
  • leases
  • identification cards
  • drivers’ licenses

Sometimes notary translations are required for a language that no notary in Israelis fluent in. The solution to such problem is called a notary certificate for the translator’s statement. This refers to a statement that the translator signs before the notary, declaring that he is proficient in the source language and target language and has translated the document in a manner that is true to the original.

Before requesting a notary translation, we suggest that you verify what kind of certificate is required by the body demanding the notary certificate, and whether the institution is prepared to accept a single certificate for several different documents, or requires a separate certificate for each individual document. Certain foreign countries may also require an apostille to be affixed on specific public documents or notarial approvals.

For further information and a quote, please contact:

Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services / 0737-40-60-40 / 0545-742-374.

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