Post#6: Documents Required for Specialty Recognition by the Scientific Council at the Israel Medical Association



In our last 5 posts, we reviewed the main documents that need to be submitted to the Israeli Ministry of Health (Misrad HaBriut), when applying for recognition of one’s foreign licensing credentials in Israel. We also outlined how reimbursement can be obtained for monies expended on notarized translations in the licensing process.

In our next post in this series, we discuss the process for obtaining specialty recognition for those who hold a certificate of specialization from abroad. This is a separate process from the general medical licensing procedure application and is made to the Scientific Council (Moatza Mada’it) of the Israel Medical Association. The process can be conducted in parallel to (and, if desired, even before submitting) the license application.

The following documents should be presented to the Moatza Mada’it (note that, in contrast to documents for the Health Ministry, documents for the IMA can be submitted in English!)

  1. Letter to the Scientific Council detailing the request and clearly stating in which fields of medicine the applicant wishes to have his/her specialty certification recognized.
  2. A detailed CV (with email address, residence and updated telephone numbers), including details of specialty training. Note any hospital affiliation that you have, following your residency. Your training will be compared to the Israeli syllabus, therefore, it is important to build your CV in a manner that is maximally parallel to the Israeli equivalent.
  3. A notarized copy of the MD / Diploma of completion of medical studies.
  4. A notarized copy of the Board Certification / Specialty Certification.
  5. A notarized copy of all documents attesting to clinical experience since receiving the MD diploma – including: 
    • detailed description of any internship period;
    • official document from the body responsible for residency in the country where the residency training was completed (detailing the residency track performed) and the complete residency syllabus for the period in which the residency was performed; and
    • additional experience as a specialist (official documents from places where you worked following your residency, detailing your work experience as a specialist).
  6. A notarized copy of the documents attesting to examinations taken. Note: Physicians who took the American boards are not required to provide this certification.
  1. Photocopy of a license to practice medicine in Israel (if already exists).
  1. A physician who has recently worked for a period of time in a recognized department in Israel should present a letter of recommendation from the Head of Department.
  1. A physician who has already been accepted to a hospital department in Israel should state this in his or her application.
  1. For the surgical specialties, anesthetics, ENT, ophthalmology and obstetrics & gynecology – list surgeries done during the residency, and if the residency was done many years ago, provide a list of operations/procedures from the five years prior to your Aliyah.
  1. Psychiatrists, pediatrics and family doctors must fill out the relevant form that is linked to from the following page:

In our next and last post in this series, we will outline “What Happens Next?”
(a) after submitting your specialty recognition documents to the Scientific Council at the IMA; and (b) after your provisional license, obtained from the Ministry of Health, expires!

Simon M. Jackson is an Israeli notary, attorney and professional translator who specializes in assisting Olim Chadashim to acclimatize in Israel. He can be contacted by 0545-742-374 , Skype or email

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