Fees for Notarized Translations

Simon M. Jackson is a licensed notary in Israel. Below are the fees, including VAT, for notarized translations. The fees are set by the Ministry of Justice (Misrad HaMishpatim) and notaries are prohibited by law from charging more or less than the fixed tariffs! The fees are updated annually by the Ministry, according to fluctuations in the Consumer Price Index (madad).

Notarized Translations

Translation of up to 100 wordsNIS 245.00
Each additional 100 words or part there of (up to 1000 words)NIS 196.00
Each additional 100 words or part there of (above 1000 words)NIS 94.00


Note to clients: • “Words” refers to the number of words in the target document. • The above prices are only for the certification of the translation and do not include the cost of the translation itself.


This said, wherever possible, in the case of notarized translations, our policy is to charge the client only for the notarization at the rate prescribed by law, and to charge nothing extra for the time spent in translating the document and for the mailing of the notarized document to the client in Israel.


For your convenience, the official web page containing all of the tariffs for notary services as prescribed by law can be found here. Please note that the site is in Hebrew, and that the prices listed do not include VAT.

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