Drafting and Notarization of Affidavits

Generally speaking, an affidavit does not require signing before a notary (signing before an ordinary Israeli attorney often suffices). Where the authorities do require the provision of a notarized affidavit, attendance in person at the notary’s office is required, because the notary is required by law to confirm the client’s identification before signing the affidavit. The notary can also draft the wording of the affidavit on the client’s behalf (in simple cases, this can even be prepared in advance of the client’s visit, following an e-mail and/or telephone call conveying the information that the affidavit is to include, thus saving time for the client).

The signatory will need to present to the notary acceptable means of identification at the time s/he signs the document. Original identifying documentation is required, including one’s teudatzehut (National Identity Card) or passport.

To save time, it is recommended to e-mail us a clear copy of the identification documents in advance of your visit. If the client is unable to attend our offices, the notary can travel to his/her place of abode (including his/her home, office or even hospital bed where necessary) for a supplemental fee as prescribed by the law.

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