Companies, Partnerships and Amutot (NPOs)

Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services offers clear and high-quality advice regarding the establishment and ongoing operation/maintenance of companies, partnerships and non-profit organizations (amutot) in Israel. Simon worked for over a year for the Israeli Registrar for Non-Profit Associations (Rasham HaAmutot), and so has a deep understanding on the specific workings of the non-profit sector inIsrael. One of Simon’s long-established clients, to whom Simon serves as in-house legal advisor on a range of national and international legal issues, includes the prominent non-profit organization “Torah MiTzion – Religious Zionist Kollels (R.A.).” The choice of name, objects and bylaws of the corporation can be particularly important, and it is our policy to attend the relevant government office in person, in order to maximize the chances of securing the client’s priorities.

For further information and a quote concerning the formation or running of a company, partnership or amuta, please contact us at: Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services 0737-40-60-40 / 0545-742-374.

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