Notarized Translations for the Ministry of Health (Misrad HaBriut)

The Israeli Ministry of Health (Misrad Habriut) has started a pilot program, whereby potential Olim can begin their professional licensing process prior to making Aliyah. In order to qualify for this program, applicants must have Aliyah approval from the Jewish Agency.

It is important to note that your documents must be translated and notarized by an Israeli notary in Israel. If you visit Israel prior to your Aliyah, this is a good opportunity to have your documents authorized by an Israeli notary and even submitted to Misrad Habriut.

As part of the Israeli medical licensing process, Misrad HaBriut requires that certain documentation be translated into Hebrew, the translations of which must be certified by an Israeli notary. There are fixed rates for notarization which are set annually by the Ministry of Justice (Misrad Hamishpatim) and are non-negotiable.

For up to date rates (rates are updated on January 1, each year), please see:


In addition to the certification fee, some notaries charge for doing the translation itself. Unlike notarization, the cost of translation does vary. In addition, if your Hebrew is sufficient, you may translate documents yourself, which saves you money, and utilize a notary just for the notarization service (he/she may charge a lower fee to correct the translation if necessary). 


If you are applying to Misrad Habriut, please note that:

1)       All documents must be translated and notarized by an Israeli notary. For each document that you submit, you will need to submit 1 notarized copy, plus a photocopy of that same document. Do not submit any original files.

2)      Make sure that your file is complete and exact when you submit it, in order to speed up the licensing process. If you are missing documents, this will lengthen the process (by months).

In order to get a head start on the licensing process, some notaries allow you to fax a copy of your documentation to them prior to your Aliyah. They will begin working on the translation and upon your Aliyah will view the originals in order to certify your documents.

It is Simon’s policy to charge only for the notarization at the rate prescribed by law in the case of a notarized translation, with no additional cost for undertaking the translation, wherever possible.

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