FAQs on Making a Will in Israel

  Tip 1 of 10 of “Tips and Tricks on Making a Will in Israel”: Why should I bother making a Will? Making a Will, which is usually a very simple and relatively inexpensive document in Israel, can be a very simple expedient for avoiding intra-family conflict, squabbles and misunderstandings amongst your heirs. In addition, probating a Will, when the time comes, involves much less expense, time and bureaucracy than that required in order to obtain a Succession Order. Moreover, … Continued

Companies, Partnerships and Amutot (NPOs)

Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services offers clear and high-quality advice regarding the establishment and ongoing operation/maintenance of companies, partnerships and non-profit organizations (amutot) in Israel. Simon worked for over a year for the Israeli Registrar for Non-Profit Associations (Rasham HaAmutot), and so has a deep understanding on the specific workings of the non-profit sector inIsrael. One of Simon’s long-established clients, to whom Simon serves as in-house legal advisor on a range of national and international legal … Continued

Real Estate

Our office specializes in handling all kinds of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial. We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify and explain to clients the often complex process of conveyancing in Israel, from the stage of drafting the contract to the reporting of the transaction to the tax authorities, negotiation with the mortgage banks where necessary and the ultimate registration of the property in the clients’ names. As a complimentary service to our clients, we are happy … Continued

Legal Opinions Concerning UK Law

Simon M. Jackson is a fully qualified Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. Simon gives expert opinions on UK law for use by the courts in Israel. He also gives advice on drafting and negotiating contracts to clients in Israel who are interested in setting up business in the UK, dealing with UK banks or assuming a work position in the UK. For many years, Simon has also worked for the Israeli International Law Institute as a … Continued


Our office specializes in drafting and advising with regard to a range of residential and commercial contracts (both national and international), including: Sales and purchase contracts Rental agreements Service agreements Foundation contracts Employment contracts Our clients have often commented on our clear and accurate drafting skills, as well as our reasonable prices (see Testimonials). For a price quote concerning the drafting/review of any Hebrew or English contract, please contact us at: Simon M. Jackson – Notary, Legal & Translation Services … Continued